Technical Geological Services

1. Mineral Exploration and Resource Evaluation

Specialist in mineral exploration and resource evaluation, particularly regarding lithogeochemistry and geophysical dataset interpretations. Sarah possesses a thorough understanding of geophysical and geochemical exploration techniques and can effectively identify potential mineral deposits, and rank targets effectively. By assessing the economic viability and potential risks associated with these deposits, Sarah can assist in making informed investment decisions and optimize your exploration strategies.
She has experience in the following commodities – Gold (Orogenic and Epithermal), Iron Ore (CID, Magnetite, Bedded and DID), Lithium (LCT Pegmatites), Porphyry Copper, Base Metals (Massive Sulphide – Cu-PGM, and Skarns) and Rare Earths (IAC, and Perialkaline hard-rock).

2. Data Analysis

Sarah possesses a strong background in data analysis and interpretation. By utilizing advanced software and statistical techniques, we can analyse geological data and provide meaningful insights. These insights can aid in understanding geological processes, identifying patterns, and generating reliable predictions. With a passion for sound QAQC to ensure that all geological data of chemical analyses of rock and soil samples are both precise and as accurate as possible. From conceptual models, and estimations to risk assessments, we can offer valuable geological interpretations tailored to your specific project requirements.

3. Geological Mapping and Surveying

Sarah has extensive experience in conducting geological mapping and surveying. This includes field investigations including Drill and Soil sampling program design and implementation, mineral prospectivity analysis from grid-spaced field mapping, and measurement of geological structures present in outcrop and subcrop. By employing advanced techniques and tools, we can accurately decipher geological characteristics and provide detailed maps and reports that will help optimize the planning, risk analysis and collection of/and supervision of Field programs.

4. Historic data mining and regulatory reporting

AES recognises the importance of sustainable development alongside smart exploration and can complete tenement assessments and historical data collection and interpretation. We can offer comprehensive summaries of add-value and risks of tenement packages and regional assessments for prospectivity for your business. By evaluating and mitigating such potential risks early on, we can help you ensure compliance with department safety, heritage and environmental regulations and create strategies that prioritize sustainability. Including the routine compilation of required Department documentation – including Annual technical reports, Partial Surrender, Programme of Work, MRF and Rehabilitation reports.

5. Expert Witness and Due Diligence

As an experienced geologist, Sarah is equipped to serve as a Subject Matter Expert or Competent Person in proceedings related to Geology. Likewise, she can provide due diligence reports and assessments for potential acquisitions, data review for Competent Person statements and Table 1’s, or JORC-compliant reports related to geological resources (Including NI43-101).

By selecting our services to provide a Technical Consultant Geologist, your business can benefit from expertise, knowledge, and our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality results. Tailored to suit your individual requirements, all of our service offerings can provide you with reliable and customised solutions. Together, we can optimize your projects and ensure their success.


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